In case you haven’t had the chance to visit my website, I’m posting here my bio so you can learn a little about me:

I work to capture the world around us in light and shadow. Currently based in Montreal, I am a cinematographer for commercial, documentary and narrative projects. I graduated from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts in Vancouver with a BFA in film production, where I shot numerous major thesis projects which have won awards across the globe.

Originally I am from a small island off the rustic west coast of Canada where I grew up immersed in nature. There I learned the careful art of observation, watching the changing quality of sunlight at different parts of the day, noting the attributes of the dappled shadows cast by different species of trees, examining the reflections from the ocean and studying the people around me. Growing up in this rural community, I gained a deep appreciation for the collaborative spirit required to create a film, and bring this with me to each project.

I am passionate about the moving image and have found my calling in cinematography where I find great joy in working closely with directors and clients whose creativity and vision inspires me to achieve the most compelling visual representations of themes, environments and emotions.

I am above all a visual storyteller.