Equipment - new additions to my kit

Equipment – new additions to my kit

I’ve recently purchased a whole new kit for a whole new year. While I shoot with many different cameras and am knowledgeable with a lot of different equipment, I love having a full shooting package that I can put to work at a moment’s notice.

If you don’t see everything here that you will need for your shoot, not to worry! Over the years I have developed relationships with both the freelance community and rental houses to be able to provide quality, affordable options not only for production, but also in the pre-production through to the post-production phases.

Contact me for specific projects and requirements so I can use my experience to help you meet all the needs of your production.


Camera Package

Canon 5D Mk III

Cartoni Tripod System

Additional photography tripod

SmallHD DP4 EVF / Client Monitor

Genus Shoulder Rig with various accessory attachment options

Genus Follow Focus

Sekonic 758Cine Light Meter



Canon L Series 24-105

Nikon 35mm Prime f1.9

Pentax 50mm Prime f1.4

Helios 58mm Prime f2

Hanimex 135mm Prime f3.5

Takumar 85-210mm Telephoto f4


Sound Package

Sennheiser 416 with mounting and accessories

Oktava Mk 012 (3 Capsule) with mounting and accessories

Zoom H4N Recorder

K-Tek Boom Pole

Boom Buddy mounting

Bose Headphones

XLR Cables

Extra client headphones

Additional cabling, adapters and splitters


Lighting Package

KinoFlo Diva 400 (dimmable)

1K Tota Light Kit

Large Photoflex Reflector

Flags, Diffusion and Gels


Computer & Data Management

MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 with Retina Display

Final Cut Pro 7

Adobe Creative Suite

Multi-Card Readers

Vimeo Professional Account for uploads and preview

Hard Drives for clients can be provided


Specialty Equipment

Konova 3′ Slider

7′ Lightweight Jib Arm

GoPro Hero 2 Kit with mounting accessories