Meet Rheo

Meet Rheo

I’d like you all to meet Rheo. He has been kind enough to share his story with us in this video portrait I created, which is no small feat of courage!

I met Rheo a few months ago at the café of L’Itinéraire, a wonderful organization which advocates and provides support for homeless people here in Montreal. They also produce a street magazine, which is sold by vendors – or camélots – around the city. Rheo is one of those camélots, and he shared with me his thoughts on his position as a vendor, his relationship to his clients, his philosophy on homelessness and his hopes and dreams for the future.

I want to thank Rheo for his honesty and for his part in unpacking the complicated, multi-layered issues that make up our understanding of homelessness. It starts with listening to people’s stories, so let’s take a moment to think about what Rheo has to share.

If you’re in Montreal and see a camélot in a metro station or in front of your local dépanneur, why not buy the magazine and take a read through? If you ask the camélot, they’d be sure to tell you some of the highlights from the issue and let you know when a new edition is coming out. And in this winter-wonderland, a cup of coffee or just a smile goes a long way too.

Another great resource – to learn about the street paper in your area or around the world: