Services - Anyone ever wondered what it is I actually do?

Services – Anyone ever wondered what it is I actually do?

Let me help you achieve the perfect lighting and look for your next documentary, fiction film, corporate shoot or event. I offer DOP/shooting expertise gleaned from over 7 years in the industry. A visual story teller, I strive to deliver content that is at all times and in all ways in service of the story or message.

As a cinematographer, it is important to have an understanding of the whole process from pre-production to post.  I have worked in many different roles over the years and draw on these past experiences daily to make me a better cinematographer.

I have a passion for light, shadow and composition which I bring to every shoot.  My specialties include:



Do you love it when the subject of an interview just pops from the screen? A beautifully lit and well composed interview can make the difference between grabbing your audience’s attention or losing them, and thus the message you are trying to relate. Let’s face it, talking heads can be a challenge in any documentary or corporate shoot in terms of maintaining interest and establishing a compelling style. I have worked hard to develop techniques to deliver more than the standard talking head to the interviews I shoot, providing the editor with options for cutting and the client with stunning, artistic results that service their message.


There’s just something about time lapse that compels us as humans. Is it the ability to speed up our lives – to see hours, days or years in a matter of seconds? Is it the feeling evoked or the sense of power that comes with the ability to manipulate time? Or is it simply the beautiful images associated with time lapse that compel us? Whatever the reason, time lapse is an extremely useful storytelling device and it allows you to elevate the production value of any project.


As each project is unique and has its own set of requirements, contact me for rates and to discuss all the details.