The Big Bus in our Backyard: Canadian Frame(lines)

The Big Bus in our Backyard: Canadian Frame(lines)

Yesterday I got a message from a couple who I studied film with at SFU.  “Does anyone in Montreal have a place where we could plug-in our bus in for the night?”

Alex and Ryder arrived some time after midnight in a giant, painted-black school bus.  They maneuvered into our back alley as far as they could before they were blocked by a snow bank (it’s in the process of melting, but Spring hasn’t arrived quite yet to La Belle Province…) and parked up for the night.  After running metres of extension cord across the yard to plug the bus in and keep it warm for the night, they joined us inside for a beer where I was able to catch up with them and their adventures since January.

Alex and Ryder have embarked upon an extremely cool project called Canadian Frame(lines), a cross-country, interactive, community documentary project.  They are essentially traversing this giant nation of ours in search of what exactly it means to be Canadian.  But where do you start in search of such an illusive concept in such a vast land?  Their video below sums it up pretty well, but as a teaser I’ll just say that it involves a pimped-out school bus full of chemicals, thousands of kilometres of open road and many a truck stop…

These guys will be at it for many more months (almost a year in total!) so make sure to frequently visit (, like (Canadian Frame(lines)) or follow (@CDNFramelines).

Happy travels!